ICT60120 : Advanced Diploma of IT

This course is the highest level course in Information Technology and carry out complex tasks in a variety of streams covering Advanced Networking, Web development, Managing Projects and Advanced IT support.

The course prepares the students to carry out complex tasks in specialised fields, working independently, leading a team or a strategic direction of a business. They apply their skills across a wide variety of industries and business functions, or a business owner (sole trader/contractor).

Teaching is conducted face-to-face, 20 hours per week in a classroom environment (or, equivalent hours of teaching and learning in an online or blended mode as a response to a pandemic such as COVID-19). Ten hours each week of self-study is recommended during term time.

Teaching sessions are trainer-led in-group sizes of up to 30 participants. The teaching program is undertaken using a planned schedule in accordance with national standards.

BSB60215 : Advanced Diploma of Business
Entry Requirements

Units of Competency

Advanced Diploma of IT - Units of Competency

Application Process

To enrol into a course as an overseas student at Sydney Metropolitan International College, applicants must complete an International Student Enrolment Form available from the website. The form should be completed in full and submitted by email to: [email protected] . A simplified application and study process is illustrated below:

Application Process

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